About Just

We make the complicated look simple.

Chatting with great grandma

Who we are

We stand out from other financial services companies, only focusing on people who are nearing, or are in, retirement.

We push the boundaries to fill gaps that the industry struggles with. We also ensure our customers get the necessary attention and personalised service they need.

And we’ve built and maintained some of the most sophisticated intellectual property that exists in the retirement industry.

What we do

Lifetime Mortgages ("LTM")

We allow homeowners to release the funds required to fulfil thir plans, with option to com back for more when necessary.

Defined Benefit Derisking Solutions ("DB")

We help de-risk pension schemes, giving retiring members greater security and certainty of income.

Guaranteed Income for Life ("GIfL")

We pioneered the creation of individualkised guaranteed retirement income, helping retirees secure the best lifetime income possible.

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